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康樂及文化事務處《校園幹探易合一 之 電玩危機》"School Detective 2 in 1 - E G Crisis"

Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong Cultural Centre; Exhibition Gallery, Sha Tin Town Hall; Exhibition Gallery,Tsuen Wan Town Hall; Auditorium, North District Town Hall
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Story introduction

校園幹探易合一 又要出動了!今次任務是要查出為什麼他的好友 多士妹會變成另一個人?線索相當有趣,只得一堆字:兩頭怪獸、真皮舊書、七星旋風腿、多士妹、孖寶兄弟、繪本、爺爺、故事書……易合一能否一一解開疑團,找到多士妹為何由『書不離手』變成『機不離手』呢!您們有否想過與多士妹、易合一再一起偵破疑案呢?

Here comes a new episode of School Detective 2 in 1. Today’s mission is to find out the reason why his friend Toasty suddenly changes her demeanor. Here are the hints: two monsters, an antique leather book, tornado legs, Toasty, Super Mario Bros., a picture book, grandpa, a story book and more. Will 2 in 1 able to solve the mystery?

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