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Unique Half Mask Characters

Jumbo Kids Theatre has created a series of unique half-mask characters in "Toasty Series" including these lovely characters – Toasty, Ah Lam, Ah Lui, 2 in 1, Little-star, Ming, Cousin Wai, Smiley, Nam Nam and Toy. They become mascots in our repertoire. These characters stimulate the minds and encourage imagination of young audience through the performances.

Jumbo Kids Primary School - 
Class 3D


A 8 year old girl from Jumbo Kids Primary School - Class 3D and an elder sister of Baby Nga Nga. Toasty is a question lover whose favourite food is toast. She always get ahead of herself and make bad decisions​.

jk sticker toasty 2023.png

2 in 1 

2 in 1, also named as “School detective” is a student from Jumbo Kids Primary School - Class 3D who loves to chase after the truth.

JK sticker-11.png

Ah Lam

Ah Lam is Toasty’s classmate who looks and acts stupid. He is cute but forgetfulness. 

jk chararter png-02.png

Ah Lui

Toasty’s classmate who loves noble things and jabbers. She can talk non-stop for 5 hours.

JK sticker-06.png

Little Star

From Class 3D, Little star is a foreigner with dark skin. He can speak fluent cantonese and love jokes.

jk chararter png-04.png


Smiley also from Class 3D, is a disabled person who is caring and cheerful.

JK sticker-09.png


Ming is a bright student from Class 3D who also suffers from learning disability.

JK sticker-08.png

Cousin Wai

Toasty’s cousin, a lower-form student who is selfish and doesn't like to share. 

jk chararter png-09.png


Blue is a transfer student of Class 3D. She is a courteous Hong Kong-born Indonesian. 

jk chararter png-06.png


Toy is a transfer student of Class 3D who loves science. He likes designing his own toys with recycled materials. 

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