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School Touring - Kindergarten

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14 Town Musicians


Inspired by a classic German Grimm's Fairy Tales "Town Musicians of Bremen", "14 Town Musicians" is a musical accompanied by well-known classical music and new Cantonese lyrics.

The story is about four farm animals: a donkey, a dog, a cat, and a rooster. After a lifetime of hard work, they are neglected by their former masters and they decide to run away for their dreams as musicians in the city of Bremen. The four animals have   different personalities. Donkey is stubborn and clumsy; Dog is impulsive; Cat is greedy and anxious, whereas Rooster is very arrogant. Will they be able to get along and become musicians?


The Snail and the Whale


The story is about a baby snail who is curious about everything around her. She lives with her family on a rock but she longs for the big wide world. Slowly crawls the snail. How long will she take to travel around the world? Suddenly, a whale arrives at a moonlit night and an idea pops up in baby snail’s mind. How about holding onto the whale’s tail and convincing him to take her along. A dynamic and mysterious adventure begins!


To apply: Please complete the application form and return it by fax (3694 2823) for registration. Confirmation letter will be sent to school if the application is successful. Limited quota; first come, first served. Jumbo Kids Company Limited reserves the right of scheduling.

*Application form is only available in Chinese.

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