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School Touring -
Mandatory Provident Fund

Jumbo Kids Theatre will collaborate with the Ping Wo Fund Sponsorship Scheme to present the "2024-2025 Primary School Touring "金銀島的神秘任務 之 幫你唔賭" for the academic community from September 2024 to March 2025. The main purpose is to bring out "Prevention and mitigation of problems caused by gambling" at the primary school stage, so that students (primary school) can recognize the potential problems of gambling as early as possible, hoping that they can make smart choices for their healthy growth in the future, especially at the secondary school stage! 

Life Plans ready, Get Set, Go!

“Life Plans Ready, Get Set, Go!” (Hong Kong Station) competition has come to the final round. The winners can get the sponsors from the world’s top 10 companies to bring their dreams to life. The host, Kristy is now leading two competitors – Sunny and Eunice to get through different financial tests.   


There are four different topics in the live competition. They are “Realizing your dreams”, “Implementation”, “Risk management” and “Sustainable development”.


Date: October 2021 to July 2022 

Target Audience:Secondary School Students (in particular F1 - F3)

Quota:Maximum 300 students per performance


Duration: The performance is approximately 70 minutes long

To apply: Please complete the application form and return it by fax (3694 2823) for registration. Confirmation letter will be sent to school if the application is successful. Limited quota; first come, first served. Jumbo Kids Company Limited reserves the right of scheduling.

*Application form is only available in Chinese.

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