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康樂及文化事務處《 Go!Go!Go! 丫叉號 》"Snail & Whale Around The World"

Grand Theatre, Hong Kong City Hall
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Story introduction

小海螺自少雖生於一塊小小的岩石上,卻有大大的理想,就是要衛出大海!但她沒有手沒有腳只有一個殼又怎樣可以實現夢想呢? 正當她如平時呆望一片汪洋之際,突然有一座泛光、黑漆、流線型、重金屬的巨大物體在她眼前出現!小海螺:「有了它,我可以實現夢想了,GO!GO!GO!丫叉號!」 一個充滿動感、奇幻而神秘的冒險故事要開始了......

The story is about a baby snail who is curious about everything around her. She lives with her family on a rock, who longs to see the big wide world. Slowly, slowly, very slowly crawls the snail, how long will it take for her to visit the world? Suddenly, a whale arrives in a moonlit night and an idea pops up in baby snail’s mind. How about I hold on to the whale’s tail and convince him to travel with me. A dynamic and mysterious adventure story now begins…

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