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康樂及文化事務處《森林之王》"The King of forest"

Theatre, Hong Kong City Hall
​Number of Performance:

Story introduction

暑假過後,開學的第一天,大家都興高采烈地回校和同學們分享自己的暑期經歷,展示各式各樣的「戰利品」。多士妹的一班朋友仔在樂極忘形的情況下竟不知老師已於小息完結鐘聲前入了課室。老師在課室中也分享自己暑假中到亞馬遜森林探險旅行的奇妙遭遇,令大家目定口呆。 但當老師講到瀕臨絕種動物與人類的關係時,大家卻聽得糊里糊塗,於是老師決定要他們合作做一個專題研習,題目是《森林之王》。究竟一班同學會在是次專題研習的過程中遇到什麼事呢? 於城市中長大的小朋友天又如何理解森林中的一切呢?就讓我們一起到森林探險吧!

Today is the first school day after the summer holiday, students are all happily sharing their unique summer activities here and there. In one of the classes, teacher starts the lesson with a sharing of his visit to the Amazon rainforest. When he dives in more about his visit, he realized that his class has very limited knowledge on the topic - endangered species. Therefore, he decided to assign a project study titled "The king of forest" to them. How will Toasty and her friend who grew up in the city get to know more about the forest? Let's explore and work on the project study together!

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