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Family Interactive Theatre
​DO RE MI@Superbaby

BB大過天 之 DO RE MI_A4 leaflet_front.png

DO RE MI@SuperBaby is a baby show specifically created by Jumbo Kids Theatre for children under 4 years old. 


Leaving behind complicated music theories and goals, we begin with the essence of sound, letting children's souls unfold.


Dr. M, a musical genius, arrives in a fantastical forest. However, his beautiful music remains unappreciated and misunderstood by everyone. Facing four little offbeat fairies, Dr. M feels lost, unable to find the right strings. 

But the fairies persist in their exploration. Discovering unique sounds within themselves. With Dr. M's guidance and collaboration, They create a grand musical celebration. 

[Performance date and time] 

6 January 2024 (Sat) 11:00/14:30 /16:30  

7 January 2024 (Sun) 11:00 /14:30 /16:30  



Tuen Mun Town Hall Exhibition Gallery


[Ticket Price] 

Price:$220 * 

50% off the original price for full-time students, children, senior citizens, persons with disabilities and carers, and CSSA recipients. 

(Offers for CSSA recipients are provided on a first-come-first-served basis until the available stocks runs out) 

*Remarks: The audience is required to sit on the floor or stand during the performance. It is recommended to wear comfortable attire. 

  • Tickets do not contain allocated seats 

  • One ticket per person regardless of age (admission subject to age limit)  

  • The performance is about 30 minutes long, with no interval. 

  • Each performance is followed by a 15-minute " Post-performance Extended Sharing" (in Cantonese). 

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