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2024-7 爸媽變了活火山(CMYK)_A4-front.jpg
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Jumbo Kids
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International Arts Carnival 2021

Jumbokids Theatrre

《PPT @ Magic Adventure》


Toasty wishing to become adult while PeterPan refuse to become one, they both fell into a pop-up book and started their magical adventure! During the adventure, they met Mermaid, Lost boy, Mr. Crocodile and others. Yet Mr. Hook is planning to trap Toasty and PeterPan inside the pop-up book, he sweared to win PeterPan.....In each episode, Toasty will sing songs and make crafts with every child, let's come and sing with Toasty and PeterPan!  

Duration︰Total 4 episode ,each will be around 15 mins


Performed in Cantonese