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康樂及文化事務處《怪獸家庭》"Monster Family"

Multi-Media Theatre, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity; Cultural Activities Hall, Tuen Mun Town Hall
​Number of Performance:
8 場

Story introduction


Toasty and her classmates, Lui and Lan, have participated in the “One Pupil One Instrument” scheme for many years as they hope to be able to perform in the inter-school music competition. Their parents, who envision their children to be all-round achievers in character, intelligence, physical performance, social skills or arts, become “tiger parents”. They force their children to practice hard to make music a necessary part of their everyday life.

Sing is an exception. He does not know how to play any musical instruments. He has no particular skills and his favourite hobby is picking plastic trash for recycling. From the perspective of his classmates, Sing is a monster. Some even think that he comes from a family of monsters who love eating plastic. In order to find out the truth, they decide to pay him a visit. When they are there, a mystery person suddenly appears and takes them on an adventure as they visit one ‘monster family’ after another…

Production Team


監製:龍子滔 / 李惜英

編劇 / 導演:王敏豪

演員:林碧芝 / 張嘉琳 / 馮志佑 / 賴曉珊 / 盧卓安 / 蔡瀚億

作曲 / 編曲 / 現場伴奏:潘漢偉



Performance date and time

House Programe


Audience Comments


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